Bookish Goal for 2019!

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Bookish Goals 2019!

As a reader, I decided to challenge myself this year and to also be a part of the community that I love. I started my booktube channel, I can’t wait to film more videos and get involved with it. I joined a few buddy reads which resulted in meeting new readers and being able to chat about the books we love while also get recommendations, who doesn’t love those? I also decided to give audiobooks a try, let me just say that I love them, I keep borrowing them from the library.

Next year, I wanted to challenge myself once again especially based on how this year went for me. I had a few bookish goals for 2019 that I wanted to share with you all, I categorized them to keep myself organized with them.


I recently restarted posting on my bookstagram which has been a blessing since I’ve been able to build friendships, join buddy reads and share about my reads and favorite books. First, I wanted to have authors takeover my account to do giveaways and chat about their work, writing, etc. I also want to be a rep for a shop/company, I want to take lovely pictures from items that I love! Another goal I have is that I want to reach 2,000 followers, I want to focus on this mainly because I want to interact with other readers. I want to participate in more daily challenges and QOTD (question of the day), I started to do a few of them but I hope I can find inspiration within those questions to get to know more readers and interact with them too. Lastly, I wanted to host a buddy read, I’ve been able to participate in a few and I wanted host one of my own and hopefully have other readers join in on the fun and discussions.


Since joining booktube, I’ve filmed a few videos including tags and unboxings. I also have goals regarding my channel, for example, I want to read 100 subscribers. Even though I am not focused on the numbers, I just want to grow my channel and audience. I want to do live shows especially since it’ll help me open up and grow out of my shell and shyness. I want to brainstorm and grow in my creativity on my videos since it is a factor I’ve been lacking so far. Another goal I’ve had is to create an original book tag, hoping other booktubers will join and share it as well. A goal I’ve had set with my channel is to join more readathons, film and show you all my experience with that. I want to try vlogging every now and then as well whether it is book shopping or showing my reading progress. Another huge goal I have is to collaborate with other booktubers whether it’s doing live shows or filming videos together, I want to meet and interact with other booktubers.

Book Blogging:

This year, I did not keep blogging as a focus when I should have. I want to find a schedule that works for me to write about what I’m reading, favorite books and authors. I have a Writing Major and I have loved writing for so long yet I realized how I’ve left it behind unfortunately. I would like to post more book reviews, include a booktube spotlight, to share the booktubers I’ve loved recently as well as TBRs for readathons that I’ll be joining next year.


For my reading, I decided to join the Goodreads Reading Challenge once again, I am setting my goal for 20 books, same as this year, since it motivated me to read and discover new books. I want to read more comic books since I read a few this year that I enjoyed! My main focus and goal towards my reading is to read major and popular series such as Throne of Glass, A Court of Thorns and Roses, Raven Boys, The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, to name a few! I will be using my copies as well as audiobooks in order to reach that goal, now tell me, what are your reading or bookish goals for 2019?


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