“Girls of Paper and Fire” Review


I decided to read this book due to the popularity of it within the book community. I didn’t know much about the plot or characters but I am glad I did as it helped me experience the book in a different way.

I enjoyed the world build the author has created here as it gives the reader a unique experience with these characters. Lei is Paper caste, the lowest class in Ikhara, she has golden eyes which sparks the interest of the King. Lei is taken from her home in order to join the Paper Girls. She takes this time as an opportunity to search for her Mother and any information of her whereabouts. Every year, 8 Paper Girls are selected to serve the king but due to the him finding out about Lei, she’s chosen as the ninth girl.

In the beginning of the book, we began to experience her journey as a Paper Girl from meeting the other Paper Girls involved to her training before meeting the King. Her first night alone with the King doesn’t go as planned which is when Madam Himura instructs Lei to be assisted by Wren (one of the Paper Girls) during her lessons. Wren and Lei begin to fall for each other as they spend time together but they have to keep it hidden since it can affect the plan Wren has for the King. The clans in Ikhara have a plan set for the King, Wren and Lei are the key points to making it happen. Their love becomes strength for Lei to do what she was meant to do.

“I pull my necklace over my head and sharply inhale at the fresh pain it flares in my shoulders. The gold shell of my pendant is still unbroken, perfectly seamless. Carefully, I cup it in my palm, looking for a way in, when its casing cracks neatly open in two. And years after it was made, its secret is finally offered to me. For a moment, I stare in silence. Then a laugh escapes my lips. Tears blue my vision. Because the word that floats inside, a single character in brushstrokes of softest black, is so perfect it’s a wonder I never guess it. Fight. I look a moment longer. Then I snap the pendant shut and run back into the the temple, shouting Wren’s name over and over, half laugh, half crying, heart bursting with the awe and sun-bright surety of it. Because this is what Wren is to me – my wings. And with her love, she’s taught me how to use my own. To fight against what oppresses me. To lift and laugh and soar into the air, just as we did tonight, just as we will have to do everyday if we are to make the kingdom safe, just as we will continue doing for the rest of our lives, flying, dancing through the brilliant skies, reaching new heights together, always together.”

Natasha’s writing is so beautiful and smooth as the story progresses, it keeps you at the edge of your seat, thinking of what will happen next. This book kept me guessing on what was going to occur to the characters. The setting is so detailed, I truly cannot wait to read the sequel from Natasha, I know for sure it’ll be just as incredible.

If you have not picked up this book, I recommend it to you! I am leaving here a few helpful links if you’re thinking about purchasing it. If you have read the book and want to discuss it, my twitter is @astridpizarro and my Instagram is @bookloversbookreviews, I’ll be so happy to discuss it!

Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Girls-Paper-Fire-Natasha-Ngan/dp/0316561363/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1548622784&sr=8-2&keywords=girls+of+paper+and+fire

Barnes & Noble – https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/girls-of-paper-and-fire-natasha-ngan/1127924208?ean=9780316530408#/

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42867181-girls-of-paper-and-fire

Natasha’s Social Media

Twitter – https://twitter.com/girlinthelens

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/girlinthelens/


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