Faelti by Rachel Pudsey Blog Tour


This week I am collaborating with Indie Blog Hop #BookTour, to place a spotlight on The Faelti by Rachel Pudsey, book 2 in The Aronia series.



One wish on the stars.

A group of unusual suitors.

A quest to end a curse.

The three kingdoms are in need of help. War is brewing, and the faelti are ready to take everything.

Abigail Crumble was only seeking to right the wrongs of her wish when she set out to find Levana, Watcher of the Night Sky. The last thing she expected was to stumble into the path of the faelti, fae-like creatures with a thirst for power and the ability to manipulate fire.

Separated from her friends and believing them dead, trapped in the faelti camp and held hostage by the evil Kai Sisu, Abigail is no closer to reaching Levana’s dwelling and breaking the curse than she was the day she left her hometown.

As the threat to the three kingdoms grows, and past secrets begin to unravel, Abigail makes discoveries that force her deeper into a fight she’s not ready for.

Can Abigail take on the role she was born to have?

Can she put aside her own dreams for the lives of others?

Only the stars will tell…

I am also including the links to the Goodreads and Amazon for you to purchase it and add it to your TBR!


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