Every year, I challenge myself to do something different within the book community. I began to do that by participating in buddy reads and trying audiobooks. This year, I wanted to do a few readathons to have the experience of it while meeting and getting to know other readers.

Being part of the readathons has challenged me to find new books to read, get recommendations and suggestions from fellow readers. In February, I participated in the Biblio Games (formerly Booktube Games), I loved joining a team, seeing the prompts and picking books to read that month. I knew I wanted to do this more often. In March, I joined the Zodiacathon, it was a great opportunity to meet other readers that had their birthdays close to mine. This time, our team was based on our zodiac signs which was different for me. Then in May, I was part of the SailorMoonAThon which was a lot fun especially when Sailor Moon was one of my favorite shows when I was younger. June began with another round of the Biblio Games, this time though, it was based on Sky High. We took a quiz and we decided whether we wanted to be super heroes or villains. I selected the Super hero team!


Participating in the readathons has been a good way to motivate myself to read more often and more books within a month. It’s great to create a group chat to discuss our progress and be each other motivator’s to read and for our team to succeed.

I am planning to join the Book Junkie Trials in July (go team Mage!) This time, I am challenging myself to read an 800 page book for one of the prompts. It’s the first time I read a book that is that long but I know I can count on my teammates to keep me motivated to keep going. July will also be an exciting month with the DisneyAThon, I am part of Team Tangled!

I have been loving that I’ve had the opportunity to join each one of these readathons. It has been such a wonderful experience to meet other readers, explored new genres and stories. Most importantly, creating connections and relationships with others within the community which has been something I’ve been wanting. I encourage you to join in bookish events whether they are 24 hr readathons or monthly readathons as it’s a good way to gain relationships while also getting great book recommendations and being able to discuss those books.


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