TBR Readathon FAQ

IMG_2493TBR Readathon – Sept 1-30! Twitter: ReadathonTBR, thank you to @bookswithZaq for the readathon’s logo

I wanted to formally announce my TBR Readathon! I have been wanting to do a readathon for a while now but I debated on a theme as I felt everything had been done already. However, I did want to keep it simple. To make it fun, I decided to do a bingo card with the prompts, you can go to the following link to generate your unique bingo card!

Bingo Card!

I encourage you all to make a TBR and tag the account in the picture whether it’s Twitter or Instagram: bookloversbookreviews for me to share it as well, including the hashtag #TBRreadathon for others to see it.

Here are the prompts for the readathon, I am so excited to be doing this! I was inspired to do this when I saw that I had 5 books left to complete my Goodreads reading challenge and I’ve had books on my TBR for too long that I keep wanting to read yet I keep putting off due to new books being released.


I hope you all join me for the readathon, you can message me on Twitter: astridpizarro or Instagram: bookloversbookreviews if you have any questions or concerns. Happy reading!


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5 thoughts on “TBR Readathon FAQ

  1. This is awesome and I’d love to participate! I’m always keen to kick more books off my endless TBR lol Will we be following the prompts that we get in our unique BINGO card? Or will we be following the prompts on the BINGO card you shared in this post? Thanks for organizing 🙂

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