The Scarlet Night Review


48581010._SY475_Synopsis: When I saw Nina Astor, I had to have her.
Blonde bombshell.
Park Avenue princess.
She was pure as snow and giving me one night to dirty her up.

But by morning, I knew:
She wasn’t just a pretty face.
She wasn’t just a casual fling.

One night?
I needed a lifetime.

Then I discover:
Nina Astor isn’t who she says she is.
She’s beyond off-limits.

The real problem? I couldn’t care less.

Review: OHH I enjoyed this book a lot! It’s a great way to introduce these characters and give us a background story on how their romance started. Matthew Zola and Nina Astor meet, have an unforgettable night. Matthew shares his life story, he opens up to Nina in a way he hasn’t before. Nina is mysterious about her life, doesn’t quiet give Matthew much during their conversation, being vague yet intriguing Matthew. He learns little about her but realizes that they have “messed up childhoods” and “absent parents” in common and he wants to know more.

They spend the night together, Matthew wants to spend the evening with her. Nina informs him that she’s only there for one night and he wants to take advantage of the time they have together. Nina does reveal that she’s married as they converse during the night, Matthew wants to understand why she let him be with her after all.

Once the night is over, Nina receives a phone call, she has to leave and Matthew wants to spend as much as time as he can near her. He asks her to wait for him to get ready, once he is done, he noticed that she had disappeared. He looks out the window from the hotel, only to see her get in a car and look up at the window knowing he was looking and she departs. “As sad as I was that Nina Astor had just walked out of my life, I had a few tools at my disposal. I knew how to find people who didn’t want to be found. Nina Astor had said one night, but that wasn’t good enough for me. We didn’t just deserve one night. We deserved a lifetime. And I wasn’t ready to give that up without a fight.” Matthew fell in love with her that night, being a lawyer did have it’s resources.

I like how it ended because it left me intrigued about them and what would happen next. Who was Nina Astor? Why was she so mysterious with her answers to Matthew? Why did she spend a night with Matthew even though she’s married? The ending leaves you with a lot of questions and it’s a good introduction to the characters and their connection. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

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