Holiday on Park Review

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted a review. The current situation, I have been unable to focus on reading as much I want to. However, I picked up this novelette, it was so nice to read a novelette that distracted me from everything. I began to read Holiday on Park by Racquel Henry. I met Racquel a few years ago through the online writing community that she has created through Writer’s Atelier. I got to excited to read a novelette that was set around the Christmas holiday because it’s my favorite holiday. Plus, it is also set in Orlando, it’s pretty cool to read a book that is also set where you live.


Synopsis: Juliet Washington left Orlando for LA five years ago to forget Ivan Underwood. When her company buys Ivan’s magazine, she’s forced back home to handle the transition—and what’s worse, she must work closely with Ivan. Now more than ever she’s determined not to let him get too close—he already broke her heart once.

After magazine editor, Ivan Underwood’s boss informs him of a new parent company takeover, he never in a million years imagined the person handling the transition would be none other than Juliet Washington—the one that got away. At first, Ivan is looking for answers to the question that’s been plaguing his mind forever:

Why did Juliet leave? But the more they interact, the more old feelings resurface, leaving Ivan even more puzzled. Does Juliet feel it too?For fans of Hallmark Christmas movies!

Note: This is a sweet romance novelette, not a full length novel.


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Review: This was such a lovely read for me. I really enjoyed the setting behind during Christmas in Orlando, it felt very magical. I also wanted to highlight the aspects I loved the most about the story. First, I LOVED the dual POV, it made the story flow so amazingly, plus it’s very nice to read how both characters feel in their situation. Juliet’s relationship with her Mom is one thing I really loved, it reminds me of the relationship I have with my Mom as well. I also really loved the chemistry between Juliet and Ivan as the story progresses, you want to cheer them on so they reconcile.

Being that I live in Orlando, I want to see stories set in here especially knowing the locations around town. I can’t wait to go to Winter Park and take pictures with the book in the locations that are mentioned in the novelette. I can visualize both of the characters in those locations there, it felt like a movie. I hope we get more writing from Racquel because she’s such an excellent writer, I would love to read more romance stories from her.

I hope you all check out this novelette, it was worth the read.





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