ANNOUNCEMENT: SeaMAYden-athon with Mir @ Fangirl Pixie Blog!

Originally posted on Sometimes Leelynn Reads:
Hey fam! So you know how I’m like obsessed with mermaids and stuff? And you know how I was curious about whether there were any mermaid readathons that I could jump on? Well, I did see some and I’m definitely going to join them. And then my amazing friend…


How I’ve Dealt With My Anxiety

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to bring you all a personal post instead of the regular bookish content I have been posting. When I experience stressful situations, my anxiety begins to affect me, I realized that finding a distraction is what has helped me improve my anxiety. With this post, I wanted to include thoseContinue reading “How I’ve Dealt With My Anxiety”

Trust in You Blog Tour

Hello! Bringing you another blog tour today, so excited to work with Rachel’s Random Resources for the review of Trust In You. Synopsis: From the moment she met him, Ella Peterson had questions. As always, though, she’s too shy to ask. Older and sexy as hell, mysterious Adam Brook soon sweeps sheltered Ella off herContinue reading “Trust in You Blog Tour”

Super Adjacent Blog Tour

Hello everyone! Today I bring to you a new blog tour post, this time it’s for Super Adjacent! Synopsis: Claire has always wanted to work with superheroes, from collecting Warrior Nation cards as a kid to drafting “What to Say to a Hero” speeches in her diary. Now that she’s landed a coveted internship withContinue reading “Super Adjacent Blog Tour”