Historically Inaccurate Blog Tour

Title: Historically Inaccurate

Author: Shay Bravo

Publisher: Wattpad Books

Publication Date: September 29th, 2020

Genres: Young Adult Contemporary


After her mother’s deportation last year, all Soledad “Sol” Gutierrez wants is for her life to go back to normal. Everything’s changed―new apartment, new school, new family dynamic―and Sol desperately wants to fit in. When she joins her community college’s history club, it comes with an odd initiation process: break into Westray’s oldest house and steal . . . a fork?

There’s just one problem: while the owners of the house aren’t home, their grandson Ethan is, and when he catches Sol with her hand in the kitchen drawer, she barely escapes with the fork intact. This one chance encounter irrevocably alters her life, and Sol soon learns that sometimes fitting in isn’t as important as being yourself―even if that’s the hardest thing she’s ever had to do.

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Author Information:

Shay Bravo is a Mexican born author who has now lived half of her life in the USA. She began sharing her work online through Wattpad when she was fifteen years old and has connected with over 114,000 followers. Historically Inaccurate won the 2019 Watty Awards and is her first novel. Shay currently resides in Houston, Texas.

Historically Inaccurate gives us the story of Soledad Gutierrez, she’s attending college and her mom was suddenly deported. Through the story, we can see how it affects her life and relationships. I do want to highlight that I liked how the immigration part of the story was handled. I think it’s a topic that should be talked about more often due to its importance. We can see how it affects Soledad, how fearful she is and how she wants a future with her mom.

I do love Soledad’s character, she’s very realistic and anxious, I was able to relate to that part of her. I also loved how she’s portrayed it as she’s just like a normal college student would be too. Overall, the representation, character and the story were so well done, I appreciated this book a lot.


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