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Today, I wanted to let you all know about the Con Sabor Reading Challenge. More than anything, this challenge is to share the love of Latinx books and their authors. I am grateful and honored to be cohosting with Dani, Nox and Natalia.


What is the Con Sabor Reading Challenge? It is a year long reading challenge, the main goal is to read as many books by Latinx authors as you can. The books can be backlist, ARCs and new/recent releases, the books can be in any format as well (ebook, audiobooks welcome!)

How does it work? How do I sign up? To join, share a tweet, blog post, photo or video with your TBR list and list of goals for this challenge including the hashtag #ConSaborReadingChallenge and also sign up in the link below, please share the sign up form so others can join us too. Any book you read in 2020 counts towards this challenge which officially ends on December 31. We also want this challenge to be fun and chill, you’re more than welcome to join in any time during the year, the sign up form will remain open the whole year.

Sign up Sheet


Are there badges? Our main purpose is for everyone participating to read more Latinx books. We have badges set up so that you can track your progress (example below), you can also post these badges on your blog, twitter, anywhere you want. You can also click on the picture below to access the rest of the badges.

We also have monthly prompts, you don’t necessarily have to follow them but you can share your progress with the lottery card


These are the prompts:

  • January– Book with mental health representation
  • February- Romance
  • March- Fantasy
  • April- Contemporary
  • May- A genre out of your comfort zone
  • June- LGBTQI+ representation
  • July- Afrolatinx main character
  • August- Fat representation
  • November- Retelling


September and October were left free since the community celebrates #HispanicHeritageMonth, there are other activities such as Latinx Book Bingo and Latinxathon that we recommend you participate in.

Additional Info:

In our Twitter account, we will be sharing recommendations, be sure to follow us for more info. We will share updates on the account, host chats, etc.

My TBR: I wanted to share some of the Latinx books that I’ll be reading this year, I will be adding more depending on my progress. I hope you join us, share your TBR and progress with us. We are so excited to be doing this.

consaborreadingchallenget-2 #ConSaborReadingChallenget (4)


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