Finding My Way in the Book Community


Today, I wanted to bring a different post to my blog to show that we all have a place in this community, sometimes it might take time for us to find it.

A few years ago, I had joined several book clubs on Facebook mostly to find YA book recommendations, hopefully make new connections/friendships and join on their events.I felt discouraged whenever they wanted to include moderators and I was never picked, I wondered what I had done wrong, I wanted to learn about the community, grow.

As time went by, I felt like I was disconnecting myself from these groups, like I was stuck. I began to use Twitter more often, I had found a lot of pictures with Don’t Date Rosa Santos and #YellowForRosa, I thought it was so cool to see so many people mentioning the book that I decided to purchase it.

Don’t Date Rosa Santos made me feel like I could be seen in books and I wanted more. At the time, I joined the #Latinx Squad, a group of amazing individuals from the book community that gave me a lot of recommendations of books with Latinx characters and by Latinx authors.

More than anything, I felt that I found my community, I continued to use that motivation to grow. Reflecting on the situation, I am glad that I decided to keep looking, that I wanted something different. Now, I have been able to host the Con Sabor Reading Challenge, the TBR Readathon, the Christina Lauren readalong too and my book club. I have also had the opportunity to interview some of my favorite authors, I joined the Social Distance Book Fest, did my first Instagram Live with Alexandra (@Catfairyreads.) More than anything, I have gained so many great experiences that I will never change. Also, now than ever, I want to spread the word about Latinx and diverse books because they deserve to be heard and read as well.

I wanted to include this picture from the Latinx Squad because they all mean a lot to me, very happy that I have been able to get to know them and chat with them about so many things.


I wanted this post to reflect that if you are struggling to find your community, keep working on it because you’ll find it, it’ll be worth the wait.






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