Blog Tour: Get You the Moon by Hasnita Singh

TITLE: Get You the Moon

AUTHOR: Hasnita Singh
PUBLISHER: Cherry Publishing
RELEASE DATE: July 16th, 2021

GENRES: YOUNG ADULT FICTION—Contemporary, Coming-of-Age, Romance


All Scarlet Bridge wants is to get through her last year of school, overcome her brother’s shadowy legacy, and win the prized scholarship for college. She’s not about to let anyone stand in her way, not even everyone’s favorite Golden Boy, Levi Henare.

Levi loves rugby, his family, and teasing Scarlet Bridge. With a tough family situation at home, he has his own reasons for excelling both academically and on the sports field.

When Scarlet accidentally dials Levi’s phone number, a chain of events that neither expected is set into motion.

Thrown together by a twist of fate, will they come to understand and appreciate each other, and themselves or are they destined to remain at daggers drawn forever?


Hasnita Kiran Singh is a twenty-one-year-old living in Auckland, New Zealand. As a university student, she spends most of her time procrastinating. As an Optical Assistant, she won’t stop talking about astigmatism. When she’s not writing (which is unfortunately too often), she can be found baking or trying out new restaurants. She loves her friends, being on time, and chocolate fondants as much as she loves reading. She is a proud feminist, another reader attached to young adult fiction, and a lover of the stars.

Thank you Turn the Pages for having me on this tour, follow along the rest of it on all platforms listed here.

Content Warnings: sexual harassment, PTSD, mentions of suicide, racism, homophobia, panic attacks, smoking. The content is not graphic but is intended to be accessible to survivors. 

I liked that we get the story from both Scarlett and Levi’s point of view, we get a better understanding of their mindsets. They both achieve a lot in school while also balancing their own family drama. My favorite aspect of the story is how the enemies to lovers trope is given to us as readers, the back and forth banter between both characters. We also get so many themes such as dysfunctional families, friendships and being yourself.


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